Redefining Data-Powered Shopping Experiences

Rebuy fuels your growth with a new breed of data-driven personalization and merchandizing solutions that turns intelligence into revenue generating actions today!

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Recommend highly relevant products and offers at the right time and place

Before Rebuy, we were struggling with increasing our AOV because all existing solutions were missing something that made the upsell experience great.

Rebuy gave us the edge with their suite of upsell and cross sell products that is actually meaningful. Their machine learning tools understand what customers want based on all their datasets and will sell to our customers with things that our customers actually want. It has improved our top-line revenue without sacrificing the user experience, something that not many apps on the market today can do.

"Not only is Rebuy easy to set up, but the growth in AOV is almost just as fast. Rebuy's recommendations for cross selling and upselling helped me understand my customers from a different perspective and allow me to choose the best products that will complement each other to grow my business."
Jason Wong
Founder, Wonghaus

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Why you need Rebuy

Data is their Bread & Butter

Rebuy harnesses the intelligence provided by your actual customers to drive informed decisions, advanced recommendations, and personalization at scale.

Turn Intelligence into Action

Rebuy uses consumer intelligence to guide consumers into actions that help drive more revenue through product discovery, increased average order value, repeat purchase behavior.

Seamless Personalization

Rebuy allows brands to infuse personalization site-wide by dynamically leveraging personalized merchandizing in conjunction with universal intelligence so you can show the right offers at the right time with ease.

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