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The DTC founder and operator clubhouse, where we get through the turbulence of building and running a business together and cultivate impactful new ideas.

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“The wins-n-failures and mental-health channels are the ones that stand out to me tbh. Being a founder is lonely af, especially when stuff doesn't go right. Felt nice to see others have had similar struggles, made me feel less crazy tbh”

- RJ Ruggles, CEO of Homeroom.club
“I would say my favorite channel on the discord is introductions as you get to learn about so many different new brands, businesses and also the people behind them”

- Para, Discord Member
“Learnt a lot from this group even as a “silent” member! Found a new shipping partner and got the opportunity to connect with a couple of founders, among other things. Absolutely love this group”

- Temi, CEO of Curlfit