Jason Wong

Serial Entrepreneur


Jason Wong

Jason Wong is a serial entrepreneur behind multi-million dollar consumer brands such as Doe Lashes, Holy Meme Bible, Dank Tank as well as the supply-chain and logistics company Saucehaus. He's a course instructor on Shopify's learning platform and consults for Fortune 500 companies on building their eCommerce infrastructure and operations. His 8 years of experience in the eCommerce space has led to him to teach his eCommerce framework online as well as various speaking engagements at universities such as the University of California and UC Irvine.

After starting my eCommerce journey 8 years ago and working with thousands of entrepreneurs to start their business, I realized something was missing

Resources to learn eCommerce were scattered and the space was filled with gurus repackaging outdated content to sell in their courses. High level entrepreneurs were inaccessible for obvious reasons and the barrier of entry into eCommerce was made to look high when it really is simple with the right framework.

I spent the next few years teaching and putting together a framework that I call Building Blocks for those looking to learn eCommerce, taking their ideas to something tangible so they can make their first sale. After seeing the results from the thousands of merchants that I taught at Shopify, I became even more inspired to help more entrepreneurs reach the next level in eCommerce with a masterclass program.

My Mission

How can I help you

My goal is to democratize eCommerce to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. I do this by creating micro content on my Twitter account daily to give insights into how I'm building a consumer brand as well as teaching at Shopify and putting together my eCommerce masterclass Building Blocks.

My belief is that the more merchants I can help with teaching the right ways of building a brand, the more it benefits the entire ecosystem as a whole.



The Building Blocks framework was built to take anyone with any level of background through the process of creating a successful eCommerce brand. The program features notable marketers such as Nick Shackelford and Chase Dimond, who have done over $100 million in revenue combined for their clients' brands as well as dozens of other accomplished entrepreneurs who are sharing insights into how they operate their business. Following this framework will allow students to start their own brand and make their first sale in just under 6 weeks.