As things stand, 90% of e-commerce brands fail within four months of launch..." forbes

How to identify the next 7-8 figure long lasting brand idea, even if you've never done this before...

learn these 5 tried and true ways that has allowed me to found a 5x multi-million dollar brand and generate over multi 8-figs in revenue.

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Inside You'll Learn...

North Star Metric - That everyone needs to follow if they want to truly make it as an entrepreneur.

Coming Up With an Idea - This is for everyone who wants to get into the eCommerce industry, but you don't have a specific idea.

Brand Aesthetic - Creating a brand identity is a critical factor in setting yourself apart from the competition.

What Makes a Brand? - What it takes to build a brand that customers will choose over another.

BONUS: Fireside Chat with Nick Shackelford - The man who has managed $100M worth of campaigns shares his thoughts on how marketing has shifted and importance of an AOV for eCommerce brands.

Let's build your dream brand

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Masterclass Instructor

Jason Wong is a 5x brand founder behind multi-million dollar brands such as Doe Lashes, Holy Meme Bible.

His background in developing high growth consumer brands led him to consult companies like Universal Music Group (merchandise for KISS, Katy Perry and others) as well as Memebox, the $100M beauty conglomerate behind Kaja Beauty and I Dew Care.